Customer North Star

It has been famously said that “Customers don’t know what they want” and this is partially correct, however customers are very clear about what the don’t want.

Many organisations do not start with the Customer as a guidance point, they instead seek validation after spending huge sums of money on market based ideas in the hope that their existing customers stay and that the gain new customers.

The Customer North Star is built from two diverse data types;

  1. Customer Requirements (must haves)
  2. Customer Hostility (really don’t want)

How to use the Customer North Star

The Customer North Star is a validation or elimination point for defining new work.

Only by applying both Customer Requirements and Customer Hostility rule sets to new ideas, innovations and functionality will organisation avoid financial waste and reputational damage.

Example Customer Requirements

  • Awareness of change
  • Ability to opt-out
  • Clear implications of service changes
  • Ease of use (without password issues) on multiple platforms

Example Customer Hostility

  • Service goes down without explanation




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