Customer Agility Framework ™

Customer Agility Framework ™ OverviewThe Customer Agility Framework ™ contains two missing links in organizational life cycle firstly “what work should be done, for what predefined outcome” and secondly “how can work be qualified as impactful and meeting the outcome”. As Artificial Intelligence becomes pervasive is it serving your organisation or your competitors? More details about the Business Impact of Customer Agility ™ can be drawn from out companion website to contact us please use the form on this website.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ defines how to use AI effectively from Insight to Outcome, through the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star’s to provide decision point information for your whole organisation.

Customer Agility Framework ™ focuses on customer journey based organizational design that own products, services and the way to run and change them though a single software system. This system of Work Orchestration contains all the work and provides all the metrics required to understand the Flow of Work and its direct Fiscal Impact as Return on Investment (ROI) and Value For Money (VFM).

The Agile Target Operating Model below describes how agile may be applied to any organization with a clear focus on a Stage 1 approach. This blueprint shows the current state of most organisations from all sectors with a separation of business and technical capabilities. Transformation is a journey, unique to each organisation, agile maturity means that every organisation needs to carefully consider their transformation strategy, communications, planning, support and implementation.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Transition Stages Low 0-1