Problem Statement

Existing Agile adoption support frameworks don’t connect organizations to customers. They have not evolved in concert with available technologies and have focused on the final output over the critical aspect of input. The evolution of frameworks are not driven by a wide base of practitioner insights and knowledge.

Proposed Resolution

Agile World ® has decided to try and help Agile adopters achieve agility through the creation of the Customer Agility Framework ™as a Community of Founders.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is therefore driven by a desire to help organisations adopt and adapt to a new way of working that encapsulates their whole enterprise and organisation. It is not localised on singular ways of working in recognition that different types of work require a multitude of ways to work them. Further the Customer Agility Framework ™ is focus on a holistic approach to organisational design, processes, roles, technologies rather than a simplistic focus on endpoint service delivery.

Resolution Prerequisites

It is essential to have systems thinking when viewing this framework since it sets out an agenda that is holistic by recognising that upstream discovery and definition fundamentally impacts the capacity of delivery and quality, ultimately impacting the enterprise and organisation customer relationship, revenue generation and reputation. In this context Agile can be elevated from its origin of a focus on software development to evolve into a definition of how work flows and is changed by various actors, processes and practices.

Critical Definitions

The Customer (in Customer Agility Framework ™ is defined as the end and external customer and not an internal service customer. Service customers and service front doors are effectively eliminated through the use of transparent work orchestration.

Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) Launch

Although considerable time has been spend on the creation of the Customer Agility Framework ™ it is not complete (done done in Agile parlance) and is being launched in order to garner engagement as a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) if you would like to become a Founder of Customer Agility Framework ™ also called the Agile World ® Framework please contact us.

Training Provision for Customer Agility Framework ™

There will be no training courses at the launch of the Customer Agility Framework ™ and Agile World ® Incorporated would be open to training providers contacting us with their course proposals.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Authorised Certification Authority

The Customer Agility Framework ™ also called the Agile World ® Framework has a single Authorised Certification Authority already set up called the Agile World Institute ® which will maintain and publish the register of people and companies involved in training and practice.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Horizon Plan

It is the intention that over time this framework will provide 23 domain specific versions however at its soft launch in September 2023 the intent is to garner interest and a community of engaged people who would like to be involved in its evolution. The Customer Agility Framework ™ will be made available to all under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License by Agile World ® Incorporated, California, USA.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Blueprint

How to use this website and the included Agile and New Ways of Working Blueprints.

This website has been built to aid the adoption of new and better ways of working that combine an operational agile perspective with agile transformation practices that actually work.

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