Work Orchestration

Organisational Transformation has always been done through Case Management Tools. They are the golden source (single source of truth) of information about change and transformation.

Case Management Tool’s create a traceroute from intention to delivery and all the decisions that are made in between and are infinitely auditable.

Starting with each business case the tools include every subsystem, process, technology and people requirement to deliver the transformation and continuously deliver run and change. They also include all the cross cutting capabilities and case touchpoints. They manage all risk, opportunities, reporting and governance compliance.

Work Orchestration (Business and Technical Orchestration) is the natural extension of Case Management Tools so that there is one golden source tool and dataset for all transformation, operations and change. What these new orchestration tools bring is the capacity to integrate other tools like Jenkins (software pipelines) and testing, scurity, diagnostics or AI into an ordered, transparent overview of all planned, paused, active, delivered work and full life cycle. Further this chain of custody provides clear indication of return on investment and work assurance.

Once the business cases are active they are automated, they manage all work releases across the enterprise and establish the success thematics, factors or OKRs. Existing non digital processes and activities can be tracked and end to end analytics can be provided in automated dashboards for everyone.

Work Orchestration (Business and Technical Orchestration) is the end to end solution for all business and organisational types. Firstly for delivering digital, but also patient records, asset and resources, education, government etc. Infinitely adaptable by defining the data the model these tools are the next evolution in Agile and New Ways of Working.

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